Have you ever gone to a conference and not really gone away with anything actionable you can take home and share with your team?

Well the 2015 YNPN National Conference in Little Rock Arkansas was the complete opposite of that!

We sent 5 board members to represent Southern Nevada at the National Conference and we are just busting at the seams to share with all of you the information we learned. Throughout the year we will be hosting coffee sessions where you can come and spend an hour or two with a board member and discuss a specific topic such as: All Things YNPN, Social Media, Government Relations, Fundraising, and more.

One of our biggest take-a-ways from the conference was that YNPN is a place for all of us to practice skills we want to develop. This is a safe space where we don’t have to be afraid to fail, as long as we learn from it and are “failing forward”. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we don’t expect perfection, just participation. We also want this organization to be your organization! If you want to move into fundraising and don’t have the experience to put it on your resume yet, contact us, we will help you put a campaign together for YNPN. Maybe you are interested in board governance, this is the time to throw your hat in the ring and run for a place on the board. Perhaps you are more creative and developing marketing strategies just make your little heart sing. Whatever it is, we want to help you grow and develop those skills through and with YNPN. If you have a talent to offer or a skill you want to cultivate contact your point person today and take an active role in YOUR YNPN!

Lessons Learned:

Set optimistic goals; things will take as long as you think they will take.

Goals don’t have to be instantaneous.

Keep it simple and get stuff done, your goals don’t have to be new or even clever.

Don’t worry about perfection, better is the enemy of good.

This is serious work we do so take time to Have Fun!

“When the king worked, he really worked. And when he played, he really played” Dr. Seuss

We learned a lot but we also had an amazing time! The National Conference was held at the Clinton School of Public Service, which is adjacent to the William J Clinton Library and Museum and is aligned with the infamous NGO, Heifer International. Talk about collaboration and using the resources you have at hand. We have to say the Little Rock team did an amazing job and we can’t wait for Portland 2016!