Did you know that YNPN Southern Nevada is part of a national network of chapters? Read here for national news and upcoming events. 

YNPN National hosts a Chapter Congress to keep all chapters up to date on organizational happenings. The last call was on April 23. Chapter congress representative talked about what degree are local boards interested in YNPN’s work at the national level including Chapter Congress. They also shared thoughts on if local chapter members are even interested in YNPM National. Some other topics included: Where do chapters turn for more information about YNPN National? How often, and through which platforms, do you share related information with each other and with your members? What can chapter boards do to better integrate the work of the Chapter Congress and the representatives at the local level? What can YNPN National do to help raise awareness of the national network and national priorities among your board and your membership? Click here to reach through some of the chapter feedback on these issues and a recap on the entire call! 
Also, YNPN National has launched a Book Club as well as a Program XChange for local chapter members to get more engaged with YNPN National. Click here to learn more!