Director of Development

Project Director, Project REAL
Founder & Community Organizer, N³

Mike Kamer serves as Program Director of Project REAL and Founder & Community Organizer for N³. Mike's career in the nonprofit sector has unusual origins, with his having developed skills that would be professionally beneficial while serving as the Director of Promotions for ICE: Metaclub in Las Vegas from 2004-2007. The skills Mike developed fighting to bring Vegas tourists away from the strip to a destination nightlife venue would soon be put to use for the benefit of society rather than its amusement.

By mid-2009, Mike found his way to Americorps where he transitioned his skillset into a budding career as a program developer and coordinator. Over a decade later, his work has led to impacting the lives of over 10,000 young Nevadans each year with Project REAL, and connecting a few hundred employees from Nevada Nonprofits through his volunteer service with N³.

Mike appreciates it when people bring back beer for him from their travel destinations; specifically, unusual and local brews that cannot be purchased in Nevada.


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