One of the projects we undertook in 2020 was to revise and expand our strategic plan (more to come on that). As part of that project, we launched a member survey to gauge our members’ profiles, challenges, and interests — and how we can better represent and serve our members and the community.

Here are some insights from the survey:

  • It’s all relationship development: People found YNPN Southern Nevada primarily by referrals from members or board members, often joining after a good experience at one of our events. Survey responders also reaffirmed that networking and professional development opportunities are the two things they want the most from YNPN So. NV programs.
  • More involvement, more engagement: Members indicated preferences for program offerings that include some form of participation such as roundtable discussions, workshops and related format.
  • Programming: Many responders expressed that they enjoyed our long-running series of professional development, Access to Experts. In terms of content, equity & social justice, leadership development, professional skills development, fundraising, and advocacy are among the top subjects of interest.
  • Demographics: The small sample size means that this is not scientifically representative, but nonetheless interesting: most responders are self-identified females between 25-35, consider themselves to be mid-careers, are highly educated, and earning less than they should be.

Through our new, improved strategic plan, we aim to translate these insights into actual practice — better, more targeted programs for our members, stronger focus on engagement and interactivity, and potentially new initiatives around equity and justice.

Beyond the direct takeaways, the actual process of launching a survey was in itself a big learning experience. We hope to write more about this in a future blog post. Stay tuned!