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Members can also gain real-world experience through a variety of volunteer’s roles that they can use to build their resume and skills, while at the same time helping us invest in our future. With your help YNPN Southern Nevada can move closer to fulfilling our vision of a vibrant community of nonprofit professionals who positively impact Southern Nevada through innovation, collaboration, and cultivation.



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Our young nonprofit professionals are entering the job force in the Southern Nevada community. Our YNPN Members are under the age of 39. (Don't worry - celebrate turning 40 by becoming a YNPN Advocate!) Click here to join as a YNPN Member!

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Advocates to the nonprofit community may have experience on many levels, one of which is the job force. If you are 40 years and older, become a YNPN Advocate today to share your experiences, make new connections and learn new skills! Click here to join as a YNPN Advocate!


Both Member types equally share all the perks of being part of YNPN Southern Nevada and are the same price. 


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