The year 2020 was filled with a tremendous amount of social change and upheaval. Over the course of days, Las Vegas schools, hotels, and businesses closed their doors and entered a period of great uncertainty. Thousands of individuals who were used to commuting to an office and engaging with coworkers were suddenly expected to work from home. We all became Zoom experts and societally, our screen time skyrocketed!

Very quickly, many people learned how important boundaries are when our work lives and our home lives collided due to Covid-19. Lines quickly blurred as people wondered, “How can I set appropriate life boundaries for self-care that work for me?”

Enter Wind Down Wednesdays! Wind Down Wednesdays are a new monthly series in which YNPN board members Brironi Alex and Samantha Wilson help you learn how to set and stick to boundaries as a form of self-care.

At our first session on 3/24/2021, we learned about establishing boundaries while working from home. Our session began with a grounding exercise. Many of us put on comfy clothes, lit candles, turned our cameras off, and learned about the importance of taking a moment of mindfulness throughout the day. We reflected on what we can do as individuals to help us make that mental shift from “work mode” to “relaxing mode” at the end of the work day, including:

  • Tidying up your space at the end of a workday.
  • Changing clothes.
  • Meditating and reflecting on your workday.
  • Taking a walk.
  • Practicing yoga.
  • Being creative with your own ways of transitioning from work to play!

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As our Wind Down Wednesday series continues, we look forward to sharing more of our self-care tips with the YNPN community.

Wind Down Wednesdays (WDW) exists to provide space for professionals to decompress and care for themselves. WDW focuses exclusively on personal development in a come-as-you-are, no pressure environment. This safe space is currently conducted virtually and does not include networking. Instead, we invite community members to turn off their cameras, if they wish, and engage in any way they feel most comfortable. Attendees receive tools that add to rhythms of care for navigating through the nonprofit journey.