The following article was written by YNPN So. NV member Randal Colquitt. YNPN would like to thank the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum Team as well as Graze – Simple Good Food and The Oven Creations for partnering with us to bring this event to life.

The first (since the start of COVID-19 pandemic) in-person Young Nonprofit Professional Network of Southern Nevada event was an Access to the Experts event held at DISCOVERY Children’s Museum. YNPN members, board members, and the community got the chance to hear from Greg Wilken, YNPN board member, and Melissa Kaiser, Executive Director of DISCOVERY talk about reopening a nonprofit during a global pandemic.

Both Melissa and Greg discussed challenges, opportunities for improvement, along with strengths they encountered during the reopening process of the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum. Discussion points presented by both speakers included:

  1. Staffing challenges
  2. Remote Work versus Working in the office
  3. Equitable workplaces
  4. The benefits of working in a nonprofit post-COVID 19 pandemic
  5. Human Resources issues faced along with solutions moving forward

There was also tasty food and treats catered for the event from Graze – Simple Good Food and The Oven Creations.

Overall, this in-person event included speakers that were very knowledgeable in leading and managing nonprofit organizations. They both provided insight into what it takes to completely reopen an organization after having to shut down one year ago, along with solutions to conflicts that arise from unequal practices that are a natural by-product of coming back to work (i.e., WFH employees versus non-WFH employees, etc.).

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For those that missed out on this Access to the Experts event on June 29, 2021, don’t hesitate to come out to the next one! It was very insightful and provided much needed information on HR challenges facing any non-profit organization.

Moving forward, I am certain to use the knowledge and information presented to me during this event to help my organization better serve residents of Clark County, Nevada.

-YNPN Guest Blogger Randal Colquitt

The above article was written by guest blogger and YNPN Southern Nevada member Randal Colquitt. Any views expressed are the writer’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of YNPN Southern Nevada or its volunteer board. YNPN is excited to support members who wish to engage with our platform to share content, creative endeavors, and more. If you are a current YNPN So.NV member and would like to contribute to this blog or in other ways, please contact or via our Member Slack Workspace.

Please note: YNPN Southern Nevada will continue to host virtual events as well as in person events based on safety guidance from the CDC and the State of Nevada.