Dear Community,

As members of the YNPN Southern Nevada board, we raise our voices in solidarity with the Black community; the Black Lives Matter movement; our Black and Brown colleagues, members, and friends; and with all who have experienced racism and other forms of injustice. We share the collective grief of our Southern Nevada community, and the world, over the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and countless others whose names we know, or whose names we will never know or get to proclaim. We condemn the escalation of violence by law enforcers and we support peaceful protesters who raise their voices in unison. We demand justice and call for change that dismantles the impact of systemic racism and combats these social injustices.

As conversations, protests, and solidarity marches continue in our own community even today, and as our board has engaged in continuous discourse around current events and how we want to show up as an organization, we recognize that the work is far from over. YNPN Southern Nevada also recognizes that we must elevate our current efforts to disrupt and eliminate systemic racism in the nonprofit sector.  That is why YNPN Southern Nevada reaffirms our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the nonprofit sector. We are committed to creating and supporting a nonprofit workforce and community that better serves historically underrepresented communities, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to this belief will manifest not just as ideals, but as actions. We would like to share with you how YNPN Southern Nevada will begin to move our work forward to make YNPN and our nonprofit community a more equitable and inclusive space.

YNPN Southern Nevada will work toward:

  • Increasing our capacity to sustainably cultivate equity, diversity, and inclusion by establishing an EDI Task Force within our board to:
    • Review and update YNPN Southern Nevada’s EDI statement;
    • Conduct an event planning audit that reflects on past events to understand what we can do to better support our local communities, including women, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC members and organizations, in future events; and
    • Evaluate YNPN Southern Nevada’s effectiveness in our equity, inclusion, and diversity work.
  • Educating ourselves as a board with ongoing EDI-related team training.
  • Exploring how YNPN Southern Nevada can participate in anti-racism work in the nonprofit sector in an impactful way.
  • Examining how YNPN Southern Nevada can advocate for and activate the Black and Brown communities that work in the nonprofit community in Southern Nevada by:
    • Fostering conversations with our BIPOC nonprofit community to hear and advocate for their needs, and
    • Researching how we can support and work with existing organizations that do the work well.
  • Providing ongoing updates and disseminating resources to our community and our members.
  • Creating a survey for YNPN members and non-members to identify barriers to our organization, solicit feedback, and incorporate necessary changes to our work.
  • Holding each other accountable to the work and our commitment as board colleagues.
  • Continuing to cultivate a board that values the  diverse perspectives, experiences, and voices of our members and community.
  • Working closely with fellow YNPN chapters across the nation as we stand in solidarity, learn, unlearn, and improve our impact.

Take Action

We invite our community to join us in actively upholding anti-racist values, in reflection, and in active participation in this work through actions big and small. We have provided a beginning list of resources below to support our community on this journey. Select the link to learn more.

Take Action: Anti-racism, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources

YNPN Southern Nevada remains committed to learning from and working with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to build an equitable and inclusive social sector.  We look forward to sharing ongoing updates on the work we’re doing, and will continue to do so as we look to a future where true racial justice exists.

In solidarity,

YNPN So. NV Board of Directors

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P.S. We hear you and we are listening. Please direct any questions or comments you may have to and our Leadership will be in touch with you.