Hi YNPN Members and Supporters! If you haven’t been to a Nerdy Nonprofit Networking event yet, one thing you should know is that each month we provide handouts. That way, if you spend the whole time socializing you can still leave having a professional development takeaway! This month, we’ve done things differently and released the handout in advance, and we hope you’ll take a look right away!

October’s theme is leadership! Maybe you want to lead, or maybe you just want to understand the leaders you work with and will encounter. Come get a leadership download on styles, skills, for your career, or just for personal development! As mass retirement of NPO leaders in Southern Nevada occurs in the next few years, there will be great opportunity to fill those roles if you’re interested. If not, it’s still a phenomenal skill-set to have and understand, so we hope you’ll join us!

In the lead-up to this month’s social, we’re asking everyone to try some leadership skill development exercises. You can read the science behind them in a scripted PowerPoint provided by us, or just download the intellectual workout guide and get right to it! You can find the files at our google drive by clicking here.

Be sure to RSVP for this month’s Nerdy Nonprofit Networking. We hope to see you later on this month, and that you’ll have some great experiences with these exercises to share with your fellow nerdy nonprofit-teers!

Co-Host November’s NNN!

In addition to attending NNN, we’re also seeking a volunteer for the November event on Thursday, November 21 @ 5:30pm. Nerdy Nonprofit creator Mike Kamer will be hosting this event and is looking for a co-host!

November’s event is Program Design & Development which includes everything from idea to pilot to program evaluation.

Specifically, we are looking for you if you (1) currently work at a nonprofit with 50 or more employees, and (2) have successfully launched at least two or more client-focused (i.e. not marketing) initiatives in the last 18 months.

If that describes you, please reach out! We – and the nonprofit employees of Las Vegas that are hip, cool, swank, and nerdy enough to come to our events – will greatly appreciate your wisdom and experience being volunteered!

Nerdy Nonprofit Networking is a once a month get together that’s a blend of Happy Hour, Workshop, & Support Group for Nonprofit Employees in Nevada. Think of it as a social gathering with a ‘learning problem’! It’s a relaxed, casual meetup with a rotating theme you can come for, or just enjoy the company of like-minded change-makers in Nevada!

The above article was written and submitted by guest blogger and YNPN Southern Nevada member Mike Kamer. Mike is also the mastermind behind Nerdy Nonprofit Networking, a YNPN Southern Nevada sponsored event. YNPN is excited to support members who wish to engage with our platform to share content, creative endeavors, and more. If you are a current YNPN So.NV member and would like to contribute to this blog or in other ways, please contact info@ynpnsouthernnevada.org or via our Exclusive Member Slack Workspace.