Join our 2022 Board of Directors

It's a great time to think about how you can extend your professional skillset and gain new experiences. One of the most unique ways you can do this and get more involved in the local nonprofit community is to join the YNPN of Southern Nevada Board of Directors. As a board, we are working to build a diverse and powerful social sector that can strengthen and support the professional development of our young and emerging nonprofit community. If you're passionate about social change and empowering nonprofit leaders, this is the perfect role for you! How We Work: [...]

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The Pros and Cons of “Doing It All”

Have you ever heard of the phrase “jack of all trades”? A phrase usually referring to a person who knows enough about a lot of different things to be, as I like to say, dangerous. In many industries these types of people are called “generalists.”  Does this sound like you? As a generalist myself, these skills have come in handy for many of my jobs and for my career path. But, there are pros and cons to being a generalist. Here are a few: Pros: It is believed that during recessions, generalists tend to be the last ones let go [...]

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